Glenmount Global Industrial Controls & Drive Solutions tackles the automation, process control, and custom manufactured solutions and equipment challenges for industrial clients. Since 1992, with electrical engineering as its core competency, we design, engineer, manufacture, integrate, test, install, and maintain AC/DC drives, and PLC and DCS control systems including HMI for manufacturers in metals, converting, mining, marine and high-speed packaging industries.

GGS has demonstrated to our customers true value in technology and process knowledge in all aspects of their production facilities. We offer our clients the capabilities not only to improve hardware technologies/platforms to reduce maintenance cost and downtime but also can emulate and model processes in order to optimize Quality Yield and Productivity. Our exceptionally talented engineers are experts at learning processes and architecting the most effective solutions to solve the demanding needs of industrial clients.

Glenmount Global Industrial Controls & Drive Solutions Examples:
Continuous and Batch Process Lines - Strip Transport, Tension / Position Regulation, Cleaning / Annealing / Leveling / Tempering Control Solutions, Coil Handling Automation, Level 2 Interface for PDI and Production Tracking Iron/Steel/ Aluminum Making - Blast Furnace Automation and Drives, BOF / BOP / QBOP Process Control Solutions, EAF / LMF Process Control Solutions, Gas Fired Melting Furnaces, RH and VT Degasser, Caster Machine Control Solutions Temper Mill - Coordinated Drive Control Solutions, Coil Handling Automation, Level 2 interfacing Custom Manufacturing Solutions - Integrated Power Control Rooms, Operator Pulpits and Desks, NEMA 4/4x/12 Marine Industry - Diesel and Electric Propulsion and Thruster Controls, Power Generation Monitoring, Synchronizing and Protection, Fuel and Ballast controls Advance Industrial AC/DC Drive Control Solutions - Traction Control, Propulsion Control, Hoisting Control up to 10,000 HP Drive Control Solutions High Speed Packaging Control Solutions, Integrated Inspections, Weighing, and Conveying Solutions