Are you able to guarantee material integrity? Do you have the confidence in your regulatory compliance position that your desire? Are your systems providing maximum availability to production? Major safety initiatives?

Rising feedstock costs, diminishing staff and project bandwidth, and ever-tightening regulatory control all add to the demands that you squeeze the absolute most from your Instrumentation, Control, and Industrial Information assets.

GGS has a history of addressing the industry specific needs of the Chemical manufacturing community. Our team of professionals can make your next project the on time on budget success story you demand.

Our application experience includes:

  • Chemical Plant and Refinery Product Process, Transportation and Quality Systems
  • Product Quality Information Systems
  • Overall Human Machine Interface and Reporting Systems
  • Batch and Continuous Process Automation
  • Distillation & Separation
  • Material Handling
  • Safety Shutdown Systems
  • Reactor Control
  • Plant Demineralized Water Control Systems
  • Simulated Control Operations
  • Custody Transfer
  • Standardization of Human Machine Interface Package
  • Standardization of Alarm Reporting, Trending, and Graphical Interface
  • Microsoft(r) Clustering Configurations