Oil & Gas

Faced with a shrinking staff, diminishing industry talent, unprecedented demand, and a renewed focus on Return On Production Assets, you must get the most from your Instrumentation, Control, and Industrial Information systems.

Are your unmanned systems safe?  Do you have the level of system availability that you need?  Do you need to migrate an obsoleting platform? Do you have concerns about regulatory compliance?

With over 20 years in the Control System business, GGS has developed unique, highly-efficient productivity toolsets and matured proven project implementation and management techniques designed to increase project consistency and repeatability and speed solution deployment while maintaining the highest standards of quality.  They enable us to focus our attention on leveraging technology to its' fullest, getting product to market quickly, reliably, and safely, delivering you the most value from your automation assets.

GGS has a history of addressing the industry specific needs of the Oil and Gas community.  We have expertise in both on and off-shore environments.

Our specific areas of application focus includes:


  • Top Side Production Platform Systems


  • Pipeline Product Distribution Systems
  • Salt Dome Natural Gas Storage Control Systems
  • Methane Natural Gas Control Systems
  • CO2 Extraction Control Systems


  • Chemical / Petrochemical Refining