Tire & Rubber

Are you achieving your goals?  Are you succeeding in integrating your manufacturing systems to achieve an end to end seamless Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?  Are your product quality systems on the level that they need to be to compete in your global competitive environment?  Are you TS 16949 compliant?

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GGS has extensive experience in the tire and rubber industry. We have the experience in enterprise quality control plans, machine data collection, and machine control that will enable you to reach the next level in product quality and equipment productivity. We can solve your multi-plant rollout and standardization issues.

Our application experience includes:

  • Mixer Control Systems
  • Component Prep Machine Control Systems (Extruders, Treadlines, Sidewall lines, Bead Winders and Wire Cutters)
  • Tire Assembly Machine Control (First and Second Stage & Multi Stage Machines)
  • Curing Press Control
  • Facility Support Control Systems (Process Steam, Chill Water, Water Treatment, Power Monitoring)
  • Various Error Proofing Systems (Machine Vision and Laser Measurement)
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Product Quality and Measurement Systems