Is your Central Plant & Utility Equipment operating as efficiently as possible? Are your automation, instrumentation, and control systems positioned for forecasted growth and other changes in demand? Do you have control of operations and maintenance costs? Are your systems able to provide the level of safety, reliability, and availability to your customers that you demand? Are your systems leveraging the technology available today?

GGS has served a broad variety of applications within the Central Plant and Utilities industry.

Whether it’s designing system architectures, optimizing system efficiency, increasing reliability and uptime, simplifying serviceability, reducing or eliminating manual operation and intervention, or complying with regulatory reporting requirements, we will provide a team of experts that can handle all aspects of your Greenfield project or retrofits to existing systems.

Our industrial application experience includes:

  • DCS, PLC, HMI, and SCADA-based Control and Monitoring Systems
  • Balance-Of-Plant Control
  • Power Monitoring Systems
  • Sequence of Events Systems
  • Process Plant LAN’s
  • Water Systems
    • Process Cooling Water
    • RO Systems
    • Demineralization Systems
  • Chiller Applications
    • Chiller Automation and Optimization
    • Central Chilled Water Production
    • Cooling Towers
  • Boiler Control Systems
  • Industrial Air Handling Systems
    •  Makeup Air
    • General Exhaust
  • Environmental Treatment Systems
    • Scrubber Systems
    • RCTO
    • VOC
  • Industrial Waste Treatment
  • Steam Bypass Systems
  • Site Master Planning, Automation Roadmaps, and Plant Audits